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Physiotherapy Band

Physiotherapy Band

💪 Versatile Exercise Possibilities

🙌 Compact and Portable

🏋️ Ideal for Rehabilitation

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 About this item

Yellow  - The yellow therapy band is the lightest resistance band available for purchase. It is perfect for rehabilitation exercises after injury or surgery. If you are experiencing shoulder problems, you may find it helpful to use a yellow therapy band to perform rotator cuff exercises or frozen shoulder exercises.

Red and Green - For those seeking resistance band training with medium to heavy resistance, the Red and Green Therapy bands are a great option. These bands are designed specifically for resistance band exercises that concentrate on areas such as hips and knees where additional resistance may be necessary. With the use of these Therapy bands, you can effectively target these areas and achieve your fitness goals.

Blue and Black - The Blue and Black Therapy bands are designed to offer increasing levels of resistance. The Blue bands are considered heavy resistance, while the Black bands are classified as Special Heavy resistance. These two types of resistance bands are quite popular among individuals who regularly engage in physical workouts or are in the final stages of their rehabilitation programs. 

Silver - The Silver Therapy band provides a high level of resistance, second only to the gold band. It's also referred to as the super heavy Therapy band and offers a significant increase in resistance compared to the black therapy band. It's recommended to keep this band in reserve for when you're ready for a more challenging workout.

Gold - OVAH Fitness produces the Gold Therapy band, which is the strongest resistance band available. It is so powerful that it is used to make slingshots. This band is extremely durable, making it the ideal choice for those seeking an intense workout. It is commonly referred to as the "Max" resistance band, and is currently the most heavy-duty option on the market. 

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Why Should I train with Resistance Bands?

Get Rid of Joint Pain

Resistance bands can be a game-changer in relieving joint pain. Their controlled resistance allows for low-impact exercises that effectively strengthen muscles and improve joint stability without straining vulnerable areas. By targeting specific muscle groups, resistance bands help reduce joint load, promoting better mobility and reducing discomfort.

More Gains with Variable Resistance

Resistance increases as bands are stretched. Muscles with often receive greatest resistance during the strongest point in the range of motion. Another reason why these are great for power and athletic exercises.

Burn More Calories with Increased Core Activation

This is due to constant resistance from band tension (free weights do not provide constant resistance). Bands can help you develop stability, increase strength, and decrease the risk of developing muscular imbalances.

Portable Workouts on the Go

Bands are lightweight and compact, and you can use them virtually anywhere. Their compact size means you can carry them anywhere, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to diversify your workouts and achieve better results.

More Versatility and Variety

Resistance bands are unrivaled in their ability to provide versatility and variety in workouts. These stretchy wonders offer an extensive range of exercises, accommodating different fitness levels and goals. With various band strengths and attachment points, you can target specific muscle groups, making it easy to customize your routine. Whether you're into strength training, yoga, or rehabilitation exercises, resistance bands adapt effortlessly to your needs.